10 Tips for Effective Product Photography for Websites (link to full article included)

If you’re looking for some photography tips, this article has some great tips on shooting any type of product! I’ve summarized the 10 tips below:

1. Get Lots of Light

Natural light, soft shadows, the whole lot. Natural light, and a lot of it, is best to get the perfect shot.

2. White Background

A clean white background points the viewer’s focus to the product. The author calls this “The Infinity Curve”, which is just using a piece of white paper or fabric and curving it to create an endless white background.

3. Find the Unusual Point of View

The best way to catch the viewer’s attention is to take a shot from a unique angle. Different angles can highlight different features of the product you are photographing.

4. Use a Tripod and a Timer

Both of these features help stabilize the picture and get rid of the motion blur caused by vibration or movement of the camera.

5. Sense of Scale

If the product you’re trying to portray isn’t necessarily popular or recognizable, including something else in the picture to give the object a sense of scale can really be helpful. Even if it’s something simple, like a pencil or a wine glass.

6. Show the Product in its Natural Environment

This can also help illustrate the product in a picture and can give the viewer a certain vibe that the photographer wants to portray. For example, if you’re promoting a bookstore, take a photo of someone lounging in a chair reading a book surrounded by bookshelves. Or, if you’re selling clothes or jewelry, use a model.

7. We Sell this Shirt in Red, Green and Grey

Basically, if you’re selling something with any type of variation (color, pattern, etc.), then show all of the variations. Don’t just mention them in the caption.

8. Don’t Delete from Camera

Don’t be too quick to judge your photos when you can only see them on your camera screen. Wait until you upload them to your computer to pick out the best.

9. Taking a Detailed Photo? Use the “Flower” Setting

Almost all cameras have different settings, such as the “macro/flower” setting, for different scenarios. Using the best setting (like using “portrait” when taking a picture of someone) will give you the best photo.

10. Editing is Important

You don’t need Photoshop to make some cool edits of your photos. There’s a lot of good free photo editing software out there (I use Photoscape). This article links to another article that goes into detail on a lot of free programs that you can download.

…But I have it right here too: Free Photo Editing Tools for the Less Photoshop Savvy


Read the entire article (with images) here:

10 Tips for Effective Product Photography for Websites.

*I didn’t write this article, so I’m not taking credit for any of the points made or information posed in this article.*

Any comments or questions? Comment below!


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