Top Tuesdays #8: Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations I Can’t Wait to See


Hi everyone,

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is titled “Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To or Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch”. Since I never end up with ten and they gave us two options, I decided to do both!

Top Book to Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To:

Mockingjay Part II – Nov. 20, 2015

Seriously though. Isn’t everyone excited for this?


Fantastic Beasts – Nov. 18, 2016

That’s so long to wait! But for another addition to Harry Potter, totally worth it.

Artemis Fowl – TBD

This movie’s still very early in the making, but I’m really excited! This is one of my favorite book series.

Alice Through the Looking Glass – May 27, 2016

I loved the adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, so I hope they do a good job with this one and don’t butcher it.

Doctor Strange (2016) Poster

Dr. Strange – Nov. 4, 2016

As most of you know already, Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite actor. That plus a Marvel movie makes this movie the most anticipated one.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens – Dec. 18, 2015

I’m really excited for this! I just think there are so many ways they could have screwed this up. I hope they didn’t….

Top Book to Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch:


I watched Divergent but haven’t read the books…

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Emma Watson, basically.

The Maze Runner

I heard that this movie wasn’t a very good adaptation though…

Lord of the Rings

Yeah…. Still haven’t seen this.

Honorable mention: The BFG

I loved this book! I didn’t even know they were making it into a movie until very recently. That’s so exciting!

That’s it! Until next time!

Have any movies you’re looking forward to? Comment below!


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