Sherlock’s Louise Brealey Rebuffs Steven Moffat’s Controversial Comments on Molly Hooper

This is what I think. As a huge Sherlolly fan, I obviously have a lot of opinions.
I think part of the reason Euros made this one of Sherlock’s challenges was that she wanted to see what Sherlock would do to keep his friend safe and see what Molly’s emotional reaction to it would do to Sherlock. I think Sherlock did open up and realize he did have feelings for Molly after it, but I disagree with Moffat when he said that she just got over it. I’m sure Sherlock went and talked to her after the incident and whether she forgave him or not right away I don’t know, but I think she would eventually if he was truly sorry and opened up with his feelings towards her. She came to Baker Street in the end smiling so I’m assuming it ended well.

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Molly Hooper’s many fans were left heartbroken by an emotional scene in Sunday’s Sherlock‘s season finale “The Final Problem”. As part of Eurus’ twisted games, she makes Sherlock force Molly to admit her love for him or else she will kill her (it turns out to be a bluff). The perky pathologist is clearly left devastated by the admission, but we didn’t get a scene examining the fallout of that moment.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer Steven Moffat explained that he didn’t think such a scene was needed as it was clear that she would get over it:

“She gets over it! Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, ‘I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.’ And she says, ‘Oh…

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